Spray-Lining's DIY solutions are superior to any comparisons including Raptor by Upol, Al's Liner (actually Scorpion Coatings), Herculiner, Duplicolor, Durabak, What A Liner and Grizzly Grip in mil height with a lower cost per square foot, much more mil height, more textures, colors, crystal clear, and included equipment.

Ryan Fischer is an expert in automotive paint and coatings and has been one of our dealers for four years. He manages National Lining and Coating in Zone One for Spray-Lining and maintains the best distribution standards in the Northeast Region of the United States.

Quality control is Ryan's primary concern and makes sure that the dealers of Spray-Lining in Zone One are always taken care of in materials being delivered on time, jobs being found in a timely fashion, and marketing such as websites, television, and radio ads being ran for his dealers on behalf of Spray-Lining's dealership package.

Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, radio ads, television, print publishing and other forms of marketing are the many ways Spray-Lining's marketing on behalf of National Lining and Coating has proven to find many jobs for our dealers and found to be very profitable because of the many choices of materials, textures, colors, and lower costs per square foot.

Constant support to build dealer’s reputations for lasting referrals, repeat business & dealership clientele.